Motivate your workforce with Splash, the CRM gamification engine. By incorporating proven game-design concepts like achievements, redeemable points, and performance leaderboards, Splash gives you powerful new tools to motivate your sales and support teams. Splash is fully compatible with SugarCRM, and can be easily integrated with most popular CRM platforms.

Splash allows managers to incentivize specific behaviors — completing customer records, reducing call times, qualifying leads, exceeding sales quotas, and many more — to boost any KPI your CRM can track. High-performing employees can compete for the best scores on public leaderboards, show off achievement badges for completing specific tasks, and even earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.

Setup Challenges to drive behavior

Turn every task into a challenge! Splash's fully customizeable system makes even the most repetitive and mundune tasks a part of the "game," rewarding users with points, coins, levels, and badges. Create friendly competition between employees, driving them to complete your sales force actionables to creating real results for your business.

Broadcast Live

Turn any KPI into a company-wide competition using built-in integration with Hoopla, displaying individual and team performance stats on screens around the office. Enable live streaming of leaderboards, team status, and individual achievements to bring out the winning spirit of any team or individual.

Featured Whitepaper
Gaming the System: Gamification and CRM

The more interesting and rewarding the task, the more engaged your employees become in their work. But what about those mundane, repetitive tasks? Those dull tasks often get ignored or overlooked by workers, even when they are essential to the operation of the business.

Turn these monotonous routines into efficient workflows by incorporating game-like design concepts into your CRM solution. Gamification can improve sales processes, drive employee performance, boost motivation, and improve revenue.

Learn the numerous benefits of CRM gamification in this white paper.


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