Splash allows you to create incentives for any behavior your CRM can track. It’s the perfect tool for boosting KPIs, encouraging CRM user adoption, and taking the tedium out of even the most repetitive tasks.

Every job has tasks that are tedious, repetitive, or just plain boring to complete. These are the responsibilities that make your employees’ eyes glaze over — from customer data entry to updating sales records — and no one likes doing them. Unfortunately, getting lackluster tasks completed is also essential to the operation of your business. If you want your workers to get assignments done correctly and promptly, you’re going to need powerful incentives.

That’s where the Splash gamification engine comes in. By rewarding the completion of these tasks, Splash provides executives and managers with new tools for engaging and motivating workers. Transform those “boring” responsibilities through challenges, badges, and prizes.

Splash boosts engagement through:

  • Competition: Tap into your employees’ competitive sides through leaderboards and contests. Splash even includes built-in integration with Hoopla for broadcasting
    live competition updates.
  • Achievements: Give your employees the recognition they deserve for grinding their way through dull tasks with unlockable badges, points, and user levels.
  • Redeemable Coins: Reward your workers with virtual “coins” that can be redeemed for virtual perks and real-world prizes.