Expedite results. Create powerful incentives to improve KPIs using Splash, an innovative gamification engine for CRM systems.

As experienced executives and managers know, without the right incentives in place, it can be virtually impossible to encourage employees to move the needle on KPI results. KPIs are your company’s vital signs, providing essential insights into the performance, effectiveness, and efficiency of your operation. Actually making use of that KPI data to create meaningful improvements, however, can be a serious challenge.

That’s where the Splash gamification engine comes in. By integrating a range of game-like reward systems into your CRM software, it becomes possible to incentivize specific user behaviors.

Want to reduce call times? Create a company-wide leaderboard so that users can compete to be the best. Experiencing low user adoption rates for your new CRM? Reward users who master the CRM with achievement badges. Looking to boost upsells and cross sells? Why not reward target-hitting workers with “coins” that can be redeemed for prizes?

If your CRM can track it, Splash can reward it. It’s a fully customizable system that provides you with real control over your KPIs.

Don’t just track KPIs. Drive them with Splash!