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Splash is a gamification platform designed to work with today’s most popular CRM systems. By incorporating game-like design concepts into the CRM — including achievements, leaderboards, and redeemable tokens — even the most mundane and tedious tasks can be incentivized in new ways. Splash provides administrators and managers with the right tools for boosting user engagement, improving workflows, and improving CRM adoption.

Initially designed with SugarCRM in mind, Splash’s gamification tools can be adapted for any CRM or CRM-like system. Splash is a product of Intelestream, a Chicago-based CRM product development and consulting firm specializing in the deployment of custom-tailored CRM business solutions.

Founded in 2007 by former SugarCRM employees, Intelestream Inc. is a Chicago-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product development and consulting firm that offers solutions related to business processes and CRM technology.

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