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Did you know 65% of all CRM projects fail because of low user adoption? Splash, the gamification platform for SugarCRM, incorporates a variety of game-like design concepts to create a more engaging CRM experience.

Splash provides a powerful toolkit for any company looking to incentivize great results for even the most monotonous and repetitive of tasks. Challenge workers with leaderboard-driven contests and unlock badges (achievements) for completing tasks. Users can earn “coins” or “points” redeemable for real-world and virtual prizes.

Featured Whitepaper
Gaming the System: Gamification and CRM

The more interesting and rewarding the task, the more engaged your employees become in their work. But what about those mundane, repetitive tasks? Those dull tasks often get ignored or overlooked by workers, even when they are essential to the operation of the business.

Turn these monotonous routines into efficient workflows by incorporating game-like design concepts into your CRM solution. Gamification can improve sales processes, drive employee performance, boost motivation, and improve revenue.

Learn the numerous benefits of CRM gamification in this white paper.


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